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Can this program be used to teach writing objectives from a state other than Texas?

Yes, the program strategies are based on best practices for working with young children as they develop primary skills for composition. State educational objectives for writing at this level are uniform in both scope and sequence. The ECWS curriculum provides a great benefit to students and a support system for teachers by addressing early childhood objectives and an effective method to monitor progress. 

Can the lessons be delivered in a virtual classroom?

Yes,  Early Childhood Writing Consultants offer professional training for teachers that includes an online model for ECWS lessons. We also offer a digital license to support the digital classroom. 

What do the workbooks contain? 

Every workbook contains support tools unique to the grade level and quick response codes for access to the ECWS writing process videos in English and Spanish. The Early Childhood Writing Strategies and Progress Monitoring System addresses the composition objectives as they are codified by the Texas Education Agency up to second grade. The student workbooks are a component of the Early Childhood Writing Strategies and Progress Monitoring System and are directly correlated to a lesson sequence, lesson scripts, scoring rubrics, intervention strategies, and writing placement levels as they are explained in the teacher’s manual. 

Can I use ECWS in a classroom with all English students?

Yes, the program was developed for use in English, Spanish, bilingual, or dual-language programs. The teacher’s manual and the student workbooks support such classrooms with English and Spanish components.

How do I decide whether to use English or Spanish with my students?

Each district follows state recommendations for language program placement according to each child’s needs. The lessons and workbooks must be used to meet the needs of the child according to district and state guidelines.

What if the kids in my class lack the fine motor skills to write?

ECWS supports best practices for introducing writing in an interactive setting with teacher assistance. Fine motor skill development is addressed in the teacher’s manual and strategies for meeting the needs of the child are introduced.   

What makes up a classroom kit?

Each classroom teacher requires a teacher’s manual and grade-appropriate student workbooks for each student. Each grade level is assigned two student workbook volumes with lessons directly correlated to specific grade level objectives for each writing genre. The workbooks include writing support tools for editing, revising, sentence structure, grammar usage, grade-appropriate writing templates, grade-appropriate drawing spaces for developing graphic organizers, writing process charts, and digital access to the ECWS writing process. Furthermore, each volume contains grade-appropriate progress monitoring forms for each grading period.

How do I get started with the workbooks?

The teacher’s manual includes a complete explanation for introducing the workbooks and for helping children gain familiarity with the different parts of the workbook.

How do parents who home school use the ECWS writing program?

The teacher’s manual provides the background knowledge needed to address state writing objectives in early childhood programs. Parents may not require such an in-depth understanding of program components; however, they may use the program to help them understand how to build writing and research skills and provide intervention at home. 

What can I expect from a professional training session?

The sessions are delivered as interactive modules to address each part of the teacher’s manual. Each module focuses specifically on supporting a teacher’s understanding of the ECWS processes for addressing state writing objectives, reviewing grade-specific support tools, reviewing related data, establishing goals, practicing lesson delivery for varying writing genres, practicing the scoring method, and reviewing intervention strategies.

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I had the opportunity to explore the Early Childhood Writing Strategies and Monitoring System by M. J. Tamez. I was so excited to see that someone finally addressed the vital need of structured strategies and writing progress monitoring in the early childhood grades. The system is equipped to support the development of essential skills with writing strategies, age-appropriate scaffolding, and essential progress monitoring. I believe the author addressed the critical need for quality writing strategies in the early years. The system provides relevant and current research in the field of education. Every skill set and plan is supported by education experts. I believe this program will benefit students, teachers, administrators, and districts as a whole. I’m a reading/writing specialist and former teacher. I have worked with very diverse populations including special education, gifted and talented, and English language learners at various grade levels. I believe this program addresses the needs of all students. I’m very eager to implement this program! Kudos to M.J. Tamez on a job well done! Amazing system!
E. Carmona
Reading/Writing Specialist

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