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For Teachers, School Districts, & Home Educators

The Early Childhood Writing Strategies and Progress Monitoring System provides methods for ensuring children develop age-appropriate writing skills while supporting STEM/STEAM academic vocabulary. The ECWS teacher’s manual and correlating student workbooks are program tools that support school districts, campuses, and teachers in aligning writing objectives with research-based Science or English Language Arts programs already in place. The program is suitable for children whose primary language is English, or Spanish, and for those who require English or Spanish language support.


Mission:  To be a champion for children and the development of recursive writing skills.

Vision:  To ensure children develop life-long writing skills through critical thinking experiences.

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A Teacher for the Teachers

M. J. Tamez has successfully observed, analyzed, and implemented research-based writing strategies to determine the most beneficial methods for aiding the development of grade-appropriate writing skills while focusing on higher-order thinking skills to support academic vocabulary. Her professional background and personal experiences as an English language learner inspired her to develop the Early Childhood Writing Strategies and Progress Monitoring System to support teachers, campuses, and school districts in setting measurable and achievable writing goals, deliver research-based lessons, and collect relevant data for differentiation. She lives in South Texas with her husband and her two collies, Lily and Daisy.

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